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VNC Starter is an IP-address database application for RealVNC Viewer that allow you to run Real VNC with a specific IP-address.


How to use:

Download the installation program from the download site. After the download is complete, run it, and follow the installation wizard.

NOTE: If VNC Starter should work, you must install it in the same folder as RealVNC Viewer are installed in.

This is normally "C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\" on English Windows


When the installation is complete, click Start > Programs/All programs > VNC Starter > VNC starter

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To add a new connection, click on the toolbar button:

Input the name of the connection (here "PowerBook G3"), and input the IP-Address to the remote computer.


Toolbar buttons:

1. Launch VNC Viewer with the selected connection

2. Add a new connection

3. Edit the selected connection

4. Delete the selected connection

5. Launch VNC Starter without any IP Addresses

6. Shows the About box

7. Quits the program



For documentation for RealVNC, visit


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